Connecting link from local sensor to cloud

Door-Window Sensor

Wireless and battery powered, with magnetic contact sensor

Motion Sensor

Presence and absence detection

Optical Sensor

Detects amount of light in a room

Temperature Sensor

Enables temperature and humidity control

Smart Button

Single or double touch to control multiple devices

Universal IR Remote

Control all IR devices with one mobile application anywhere

Glass Break Sensor

Listen initial glass breaking and shattering with alert notification

Smoke sensor

Sense smoke optically and alert you anytime

Switch Device

Appliance control and monitor to save energy with easily fittable design

Curtain Controller

Automated shades, curtains and blinds with auto-trigger feature

Door Lock Controller

Electromagnetic lock to open door from anywhere

Smart Plug

Control and monitor high-power appliances like AC, heater etc.

Software Features

  • Remote Control

    • Control appliance status from anywhere with on/off and dimming.
  • Sharing Access

    • User can share access with home members, guests and children
  • Scheduler

    • Schedule any appliance for defined period of time
    • Armed and disarmed functionality in vacation mode
  • Moods

    • One can operate multiple appliances
    • Reprogrammable features
  • Rule Engine

    • Machine to machine talk is possible with the feature
    • User gets full control
  • Local Control

    • If internet is not available, then user can access through mobile application by connecting router only
  • Over-The-Air Update

    • Live updates of security patches and features through device firmware

Salient Features

  • Monitor and control individual switches from anywhere
  • Integration of sensors and control through mobile application
  • Monitor various appliances and get daily, weekly and monthly energy consumption reports
  • Get energy consumption units in Kwh and INR as per configrations
  • Define your bill limits with billing date and period

About Us

Connectedtree is providing connected home and smart energy solution to automate multiple devices, application, ranging from communications, entertainment, security and home automation. This Internet of Things technology platform is securely delivered over connected devices and sensors. Connected Tree offering provides easy installation and operation with real-time, smart and connected experiences for the home-user to control and monitor the connected home.